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Seminar for members of the Bicycle Club "Roma"

On April, 13 FELIX law firm has had the seminars for the Bicycle Club "Roma." Olexandr Pidluzhnyi, the lawyer, spoke to the members of the club with the  presentation dedicated to the road laws and the practical aspects of  application of these laws by  cycling enthusiasts.

Since April 15, 2013 the new rules of the road have come into force, the major novelties of which Alexander revealed in his report. There were also discussed questions of the safety of cyclists as road users, especially the movement of the city. A special focus on the importance of the speaker made a selection of the most optimal routes, behavior in traffic and movement in the dark. The participants of the event were interested in the procedures for accidents, the algorithm of behavior in the case of theft of a bicycle.

The participants were recommended how to best protect themselves from the theft and how to insure the bicycle.

The participants were also informed about the project of urban video surveillance system "Safe City" and its main objectives.

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